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Preparing the Best and Brightest Nevada Teachers


The Nevada Institute on Teaching & Educator Preparation (NITEP) is an initiative that has a goal to enroll new students and aspiring scholars into teaching, and prepare them for an environment that demands constant innovation. NITEP was created via Senate Bill 548 during the 2017 Nevada Legislative Session. The College of Education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas was selected to host NITEP in November 2017. With this unique initiative, that places students in an advanced study program, future educators will gain skills to serve as mentors and leaders in Nevada K-12 school systems.

A central component to NITEP is to provide both financial rewards to "fellows", as the program is referred to as a fellowship, and distinct leadership opportunities for the undergraduate education student.
NITEP Objectives
Help students conduct new and extensive research around the training and preparation of teachers! Evaluate, develop and conduct approaches to teaching that address a variety of educational settings! Establish a program that will license students who wish to make an impact in educational settings, while grant in autonomy and building responsibility!

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