Professional Development

Leads: Dr. Patrice Leverett & Dr. Sebern Coleman

As part of the NITEP 2020-2021 experience with NITEP, students will be asked to join their colleagues for four mandatory professional development training sessions in Spring of 2021. The purpose of the professional development component of the grant is to provide the NITEP fellows with opportunities to learn and integrate best practices in education. The major objective is to provide examples from our local community of evidence-based practices that the fellows can use when they join the workforce as educators. In light of an ever-diversifying society, it is imperative that NITEP participants have the ability to work with students from various backgrounds. These trainings will highlight culturally competent practice in the areas of STEM and Literacy, as well as accounting for differences in language skills, mental health, and socio-emotional skills.

Professional development will be provided by community agencies, labs, and centers that focus on education and educational equity. All call for proposals will be sent in October and four identify four training experiences that align with the overall mission of NITEP. The selection process will be informed by survey information collected from the NITEP fellows.

Professional Development sessions will focus on supporting content knowledge as it relates to a range of topics including:

  • Multicultural education,
  • STEM,
  • Literacy,
  • Mental health and socio-emotional supports
  • Best practices for multilingual/English language learners.

The following 2020-2021 Professional Development trainings are:

Building Transformative Multicultural Classrooms Through Community Embedded Engagement – Alejandro E. Carrión

This PD focusses on building content-based knowledge and community embedded engagement as good multicultural educational practice. 

Replacing Behaviors with Skills: How to Integrate Social Skill Learning in the Classroom – Shelby Henderson, Director of Education Services at Boys Town Nevada

This PD focusses on socio-emotional learning as an important strategy for student success. 

Tribal Sovereignty in Nevada and the United States – William Bauer Director, American Indian & Indigenous Studies & Professor, Department of History

This PD explores the history of tribal nations and trace the development of tribal sovereignty while learning of its importance in a K-12 curriculum. 

Healing Racism: An Introspective Journey – Barbara Rhodes, Director J.W. Anthony Youth & Family Outreach 

This PD explores the meaning of race and its impact on self and others.