Leader: Dr. PG Schrader

During the NITEP Fellowship, students will have an opportunity to apply to participate in a grant funded research team project as a student researcher. This will be an opportunity for students to engage in academic research and faculty mentorship. There will be an extra monetary stipend for each student researcher accepted into a project.

The following NITEP mini-grant research projects for 2020-2021 are:

1.    Teaching for Black and Brown Lives: The Importance of Ethnic Studies Curriculum in the Educational Success of Black and Latinx Students in Nevada

PI: Dr. Christine Clark

OVERVIEW: This project will investigate actual laws and policies related to Ethnic Studies, multicultural education, and “diversity” in Nevada; how these laws/policies are put into practice; and understanding existing barriers and what actions can be taken to remove these barriers.

2.    Changing the Face of School Leadership

PI: Dr. Jacob Skousen

OVERVIEW: The purpose of this proposed study is to investigate how purposeful recruiting and mentoring may increase the percentage of students of Color in a principal preparation program.

3.    An Intervention to Build Understanding about Homelessness and Housing Insecurity among Preservice Teachers

PI: Dr. Peter Wiens

OVERVIEW: This project will investigate pre-service teachers’ knowledge about issues relating to homelessness; the attitudes of pre-service teachers have toward homelessness; and creating an intervention to assess impact of knowledge and beliefs about homelessness.

4.    Engaging and Retaining Math and Science Teachers in Nevada

PI: Dr. Harsh Perera

OVERVIEW: This project aims to develop and validate an instrument to track motivational beliefs for teaching science and math while aligning that instrument to interventions and professional development for teachers.