Educational Engagement Pathway 1: Educational Stakeholder & Philosophy

Leader: Dr. Wendy Rodgers

EEP 1 will focus on learning about the Las Vegas educational community and how different stakeholders interact with and what they expect and need from schools in the community. What you learn in this EEP should inform your personal philosophy of education and provide a strong foundation for your future training and classroom experiences.

Overview: You will use this year to gather information by interviewing stakeholders in the local Las Vegas educational community (i.e., teachers and administrators, parents, students, community members, and College of Education faculty). You will be paired with a UNLV faculty mentor who will help you identify people to interview and will meet with you monthly to help you analyze and reflect on your findings. At the end of the spring semester, you will create and present a poster about your experiences and what you have learned to the larger NITEP community.

Year 1 NITEP Fellows Expectations:

  1. Complete approximately 25 hours of engagement from October 2020 through May 2021. This will be a combination of time spent interviewing, reflecting on the interviews, meeting with your mentor, then preparing for and presenting at the end-of-the-year NITEP event.
  2. Interview 2-3 people per month individually from November through March (5 months total; 30-45 minutes per interview). Focus on a different stakeholder group per month.
  3. Meet with your faculty mentor twice per month (1 hour per meeting) starting in November. One meeting will be one-on-one to analyze your findings and identify future potential participants. The second meeting will be in a group with your mentor’s other NITEP fellows to compare and discuss your findings and experiences.
  4. Participate in three whole-group activities: Fall Orientation (October), Spring Orientation (March), and Spring Presentation (May)
  5. Maintain a log of your activities and time spent during this practicum. I look forward to meeting and working with you all this year. We will be communicating mostly via Slack, but if you need it, my email address is