Educational Engagement Pathway 3: Colegio Concepcion Chilean Partnership

Leader: Dr. Tina Vo

Overview: You will participate in a year-long international practicum with Colegio Concepcion San Pedro (CCSP) a STEM-focused middle and high school, committed to Spanish/English bilingual education. Faculty are dedicated to student success, pedagogical growth, and project-based learning. CCSP engages online instructional delivery, intending a return to in-person instruction in March of 2021. During COVID-19 CCSP has intensely and proactively developed and administered online instruction, through G-Suite & Google classroom; student attendance is at 95% or higher. The CCSP community is ideal for gaining an international and comparative perspective on education while improving your craft.

You will be paired with a Chilean educator to collaboratively engage and support CCSP students’ English comprehension within content areas.  Dr. Tina Vo is your Year 3 coordinator/supervisor (

Year 3 NITEP Fellows Expectations: 

1) Approximately 45 hours of engagement over from October 2020 through May 2021. A detailed schedule will be provided at the first Year 3 meeting

2) Meet with CCSP teachers and/or students twice a week (typically two 1-hour blocks; with two student groups)

3) Work with assigned educators, in English, on needs expressed by CCSP and Dr. Vo.

  • i) Examples include: Develop discussion questions or activities, Create Google questionnaires/Google Forms, Design Kahoots and/or interactive games/activities, Generate PPTs or Prezi, Create project-based lessons

4) Participate in four whole group activities at the beginning and end of each semester

  • i) Fall Orientation & Fall Debrief
  • ii) Spring Orientations & Spring Presentation

5) Documentation of time spend and make up work (missed time) Submitted each semester

  • i) A simple sheet will be provided to you in your first meeting to document your progress
  • ii) If you need to miss a week, notify your cooperating teacher ahead of time, as they often plan things around your presence in the class. You must ask for additional tasks to make up the missing time. Then document as normal.